June 26, 2012

The Untaken Picture

-          Take a picture!
-          I am.
-          Don’t miss the clouds!
-          I’m not.
-          Why are you smiling?
-          Because you are funny.
-          You are funny too but did you take the picture?
-          I did.
-          Let me see. Hey, you were looking at my tits!
-          Of course, I can see them without using the microscope.
-          Shut up.
-          I’m sorry.
-          You look like an accordion.
-          Thank you.
-          What’s with this smell?
-          It’s from her.
-          My god…
-          Yup, she killed my nostrils.
-          What do you mean?
-          I mean my eyes are in tears.
-          Oh, true, true! I mean, yeah, you could feel it from far.
-          Let’s not think about it.
-          Funny… Tell me about that cinema.
-          No.
-          Ok…
-          So, it’s around Bersarinplatz and it’s cool, small and cozy, user friendly.
-          Wanna see a film?
-          I don’t know what’s on.
-          A random one.
-          Yeah, but I overreacted when I said that films are cool all the time. Actually, I don’t think I overreac…
-          It’s starting to rain. We can check it out anyway or spend some time inside their cafĂ©, right?
-          If we want to…
-          You don’t want to?
-          I think I do, but it is so nice here…
-          Yes it is. I wonder how you didn’t notice those frisbee players.
-          I did.
-          I know I am cool.
-          Yes you are.
-          No, miss, it’s you who are.
-          Who what?
-          Who is? Hah, how do I say it?
-          It’s “who you”, it’s “you who”…
-          You mean you?
-          Yes.
-          So it’s you who are… As in “it’s you who are interested in me”, not vice versa.
-          Say what?
-          What?!
-          I think it is you who is, not who are, because “it” should be the same like “who”, so it’s “it is” and “who is”.
-          Where?
-          I’m talking about…
-          Yes, I know, you are right. And you are beautiful.
-          You must be the same. I’m hanging out with you, aren’t I?
-          You have standards.
-          I surely do.
-          Tell me about your city.
-          It’s nice.
-          I love the way you pronounce it.
-          I love you.
-          Arghh, now I will punish you!
-          Ouch, aww, awww, ouch, stop it… damn it I have a cut there.
-          Say it!
-          I love you! But I wanted to say it nicely, not like this… Do you want a beer?
-          Nah…
-          There’s some water.
-          I know.
-          Where is it?
-          Here.
-          It’s good.
-          Next topic: the weather?
-          Of course, it’s funky here, totally unpredictable.
-          Funky for you, maybe…
-          True…
-          But we can talk about it, if it comforts you.
-          No, thank you.
-          We can try some frisbee.
-          You hate frisbee, it’s boring for you.
-          Yeah, but I don’t really hate it.
-          Ok let’s rock and roll, mujer!
-          Si, si… How do you say again in…?
-          “Da”, “da”. And “nu” stands for “no”.
-          So how do I hold it?
-          It’s easy; basically you have to throw it all the time. All body and arm are relaxed, except for the fingers…
-          Like this?
-          Mnnnyeah… And you must add some spin and…
-          Take it easy I won’t kill anyone.
-          I thought you would throw it. So it’s like…
-          Oops, that was close!
-          Entschuldigung… I go get it.
-          Sorreee!
-          No, it’s ok, I mean…
-          I told you it’s boring.
-          Yeah, but we didn’t even…
-          I know, but I tried. Thank you for kissing me.
-          I am kissing you, because I know you tried. Imagine what I’d do to you if you tried harder.
-          You’d do what?!
-          You know…
-          Ok, so we play again or…
-          I’m not insisting.
-          Please do insist. You must know, not all things are easy in life.
-          You are so deep! From where all this wisdom?
-          DNA, baby!
-          I must meet your relatives so that I know who I’m worshiping.
-          You can worship me.
-          Thank you.
-          You’re welcome.
-          Let’s sit here, it will rain.
-          Leeet’s siiiit heeerreeee, it wiiilll raaaiiiinnn…
-          Hah, it sounded like Sweet Child of Mine from Guns n Roses.
-          I like that song!
-          Oh well…
-          She got a smile and a… na-na-na… Reminds of childhood na-na-na…
-          You don’t even know it.
-          I know it.
-          And the guitar goes like Tee-nee-nee nee-nee—nee-nee-nee, tee-nee-nee… Ok I don’t want to do this.
-          Oh, oh, oh, oh sweet child of miiiine…
-          Oh, oh, oh oh-o sweet child of miiine…
-          Let’s mooove from hee-eere let’s go-oh hooome…
-          Be-caaaauuse it’s raaaiiiaiiaaiining…
-          Haha, do it again!
-          Raaaiiiaaaiiiaaiiaiianing!
-          That was scary!
-          Yeah! It still is! I heard a cover of this song won the Eurovision.
-          You are bad.
-          I am a bad boy yardee. You know…
-          Snatch, but I don’t remember.
-          The guy who was like “I create bodies, I don’t erase them”. Which street is this one?
-          A new one.
-          Interesting…
-          You’ve never been here?
-          No and apparently I’ve never been to a beautiful part of Volkspark Friedrichshain until two days ago.
-          Yeah I know…
-          I’ve said this before?
-          Yes you did.
-          You know, there comes a time when, at some point in your life…
-          You start to forget!
-          No… You get wiser and a lot of important thoughts fill the brain and…
-          And you stop remembering things!
-          Exactly!
-          Well, it’s a good thing we can take pictures.
-          Fuck, I forgot the camera, let’s run!
-          Don’t worry, it’s still there.
-          I can’t sleep on that.
-          Ok, I’m running.
-          Hey listen, I’ll run, ok? I see you there.
-          Ok.

-          So?
-          So, it’s gone.
-          Damn…
-          Yeah… I mean, look at the sky, that would’ve been a great photo, with us and…
-          True, come here… You know, we have it all printed inside our heads.

June 25, 2012


The day has been long
and when it got dark
a senseless mind
made a stupid remark.
Couch surfing glances
entered through orbits
healing a brain
already altered.
Two minds encounter
and grandmother flashbacks
they have in common.
Is it the gin which causes
a heart centered grin?
It’s raining, it’s cold,
but nobody cares
since both minds unfold.
Each morning is joy,
inhaling each other
and sweating the sweet
off hands and eyes,
off brain tattooed lips…
It ends with a smile,
so it’s normal to miss.