September 30, 2012

Eu tac, nu fac

-        I shut up, I do not.
-    What does it mean “I shut up, I do not”?
-        It means that I shut up and I do not, it’s a saying.
-        Romanian saying?
-        No, it’s my saying, I shut up, I do not.
-        Why would you say something like that?
-        To confuse people. Imagine an annoying someone asking opinions about shit you don’t care, there’s no escape from that unless you say “I shut up, I do not”. He’ll think you’re strange, that kind of misunderstood genius maybe. He’ll be confused. And if you want to practice some of your lines, you can start tripping to that guy until he gets tired or you get bored. It should be fun for some time.
-        Iiieu tac, nuuu fac.
-        Yes, something like that. Useful against taxi drivers.