February 17, 2014


Each room
becomes sunny
since all my blinks are bright,
sandy ice rocks mute the system;

no sounds
I shall provide.

Distant voices
hear me out, 
and they all agree ensemble,
as now
I’m supposed to start rumbling 
in the urban jungle.

There’s that moment
in the hood 
friendly stray dogs come
and kiss
and you’re thinking how to go out
only with a set of keys.

Heavy eyelids,
greasy night meals
may not be the perfect context,
like Cobain my throat is led sprayed;

I just might be dumb 
or happy.

Fish tank
warm winds
keep my lips
heavily intoxicated;

I imagine all this freshness
in a safe zone illustrated.

February 15, 2014


I looked, you looked back
Time stopped.
I smiled
It was good.
Your laughs fill my pockets
More than hands do.

Inside my wallet
During these times
A moment, your eyes,
Last night
I do memorize.

A wall’s holding you
And I’m not behind
I reach for your arms
It’s all black and white.

Good night,
Nice to have met you,
I’d see you, or so.
I sing to our photo
That refrain we know.